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Arnie Weissmann

Editor in Chief | Travel Weekly Executive Vice President | Editorial Director | Travel Group | Northstar Travel Group

For nearly two decades, Arnie Weissmann has been the editor-in-chief of Travel Weekly, the trusted source of news within the US travel industry. He also serves as executive vice president and editorial director for its parent company, Northstar Travel Group, the largest B2B travel media company in the world.

Arnie entered B2B publishing after he launched the travel industry's first destination information service, Weissmann Travel Reports, which provided updated and unbiased profiles of every country in the world. He also served as publisher of critical hotel and destination guides for the travel industry in the US and UK.

Elsewhere, Arnie is on the board of the non-profit Tourism Cares and has been a repeat guest lecturer at Cornell University School of Hotel Administration.


阿尼 •韋斯曼 (Arnie Weissmann)

Travel Weekly主編, 旅遊集團執行副總裁&內容總監 - 北星旅遊集團

Arnie Weissmann先生近20年一直擔任Travel Weekly主編,為美國旅遊業提供值得信賴的新聞與資訊;並擔任其母公司,也是全球最大B2B旅遊傳媒集團--北星旅遊集團執行副總裁及內容總監。

Arnie Weissmann先生曾創立旅遊目的地資訊服務Weissmann Travel Reports,為全球各個國家提供最新且客觀的介紹,此後進入B2B出版業。他兼任美國和英國多本重要的酒店和目的地指南出版人,此外還是非營利組織Tourism Cares的董事會成員並一直在康奈爾大學酒店管理學院作客座講師。


阿尼 •韦斯曼 (Arnie Weissmann)

Travel Weekly主编, 旅游集团执行副总裁&内容总监 - 北星旅游集团

Arnie Weissmann先生近20年一直担任Travel Weekly主编,为美国旅游业提供值得信赖的新闻与信息;并担任其母公司,也是全球最大B2B旅游传媒集团--北星旅游集团执行副总裁及内容总监。

Arnie Weissmann先生曾创立旅游目的地信息服务Weissmann Travel Reports,为全球各个国家提供最新且客观的介绍,此后进入B2B出版业。他兼任美国和英国多本重要的酒店和目的地指南出版人,此外还是非营利组织Tourism Cares的董事会成员并一直在康奈尔大学酒店管理学院作客座讲师。