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Kent Zhu Fuming

President, Genting Cruise Lines

As the President of Genting Cruise Lines, Kent is responsible for the long-term growth of Genting Hong Kong’s three cruise brands – Star Cruises, Dream Cruises and Crystal Cruises.

In this position, his focus is on the performance of the brands through innovation, development of strategic directions and implementation of robust business plans for the cruise lines. To ensure the continued evolution of Genting Cruise Lines, Kent also plays a pivotal role in new product development for different target segments as well as identifying and cultivating business expansion opportunities.

He brings more than 30 years of experience in the luxury hotel and hospitality industry, having held key senior management posts at two international hotel groups. Prior to joining Genting Hong Kong, Kent was Executive Vice President at Wanda Hotels & Resorts, and Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer at Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts.



集團總裁, 雲頂郵輪

朱福明先生於2017年5月加入雲頂香港,擔任雲頂郵輪集團總裁一職。朱先生主要負責為旗下三大郵輪品牌 - 麗星郵輪、星夢郵輪及水晶郵輪 -制定長遠的發展方向及策略。





集团总裁, 云顶邮轮

朱福明先生于2017年5月加入云顶香港,担任云顶邮轮集团总裁一职。朱先生主要负责为旗下三大邮轮品牌 - 丽星邮轮、星梦邮轮及水晶邮轮 -制定长远的发展方向及策略。