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Michael Wang

Editor-in-Chief, Travel Weekly China

Michael joined Travel Weekly China as Editor-in-Chief in December 2017, and responsible for the brand’s print magazine and digital content generation.

Previously, he served as Editor-in-Chief of National Geographic Magazine (Chinese edition), overseeing the magazine, digital journalism and books since 2013.

From 2009 to 2012, Michael worked as the editor in chief of Reader’s Digest in Shanghai, revitalize the magazine into a timely, relevant read for people looking for deeper insight into culture, nature, people, innovation and the environment.

Michael has also served as culture and design editor at Bertelsmann and as a contributor to So Figaro and Self. In 2005, he once earned working experience at BBC and The Times in London.

Michael launched his career in journalism by writing metro news and travel features for the Shanghai Daily newspaper in 1999.



主編, 《Travel Weekly China旅訊》

資深媒體人,現任《Travel Weekly China旅訊》主編、曾任National Geographic中文版主編、Reader's Digest 中文版主編,並曾在貝塔斯曼(Bertelsmann)和上海日報(Shanghai Daily)供職,具備海外媒體工作經驗(BBC、泰晤士報)。擁有國際視野,諳熟平面出版、數位內容製作、整合行銷等多個領域。近年來深耕旅遊行業,洞悉業界脈動,主導業務創新,以媒體人和運營者的複合角色尋求事業突破,是旅遊業深度的思考者、謹慎的評論者、熱情的實踐者。



主编, 《Travel Weekly China旅讯》

资深媒体人,现任《Travel Weekly China旅讯》主编、曾任National Geographic中文版主编、Reader's Digest 中文版主编,并曾在贝塔斯曼(Bertelsmann)和上海日报(Shanghai Daily)供职,具备海外媒体工作经验(BBC、泰晤士报)。拥有国际视野,谙熟平面出版、数字内容制作、整合营销等多个领域。近年来深耕旅游行业,洞悉业界脉动,主导业务创新,以媒体人和运营者的复合角色寻求事业突破,是旅游业深度的思考者、谨慎的评论者、热情的实践者。